How one small marketing tip can transform your small business

by ryan


10 small marketing tips


How one small marketing tip can transform your small business

Are you a small business owner looking for a marketing edge over your competitors.
I would like to ask you an opening question… What makes your business any different to that of your competitors? or what is your unique marketing message?

Okay let me clarify that question by telling you about a conversation that took place between myself and my good friend Chris.

Chris owns and runs an appliance store.They sell fridges,microwaves,digital cameras,rice cookers and all sorts of other household goods.

Like the majority of small business owners he starts his day early in the morning, come rain, hail or snow. He has to open his store, serve his customers,manage his staff,chase up overdue accounts,accept deliveries, organize next weeks promotions,speak to sales reps,merchandise his store,look over sponsorship requests and the list goes on.

As the light fades he’s the last person left to finally shut the doors on another day.If you are like Chris this is a typical day that repeats itself every day for the next 5 if not 6 days.

On this particular day

I asked Chris that simple question.What makes your business any different to that of your competitors? He replied “We give personalized service” “We have great specials” “We deliver goods to our customers homes” “We have great products” “We have a full range of products”

I said “Chris, all your competitors would claim they provide the same benefits to their customers”

So whats so special about your business? After a couple of minutes of deep thinking Chris replied, “I guess WE are all the SAME”

If your small business is the same as that of your competitors the only advantage you have to offer generally is PRICE.

Most small business would argue that in their world, price is the key difference. Thats because most small businesses are doing the same thing. You have to create a small business marketing position that differentiates you from your competitors. The terminology given to this difference is known as your UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION or I like the term UNIQUE MARKETING MESSAGE. Feel free to use what feels better for you.

If you are currently in this “same” position in your business there is a simple technique to help you create your own Unique Marketing message. Ask yourself these two questions “What are some of the biggest Fears and Frustrations that your customers face when dealing with your industry” “What policy’s or work ethics do you work by that would be of benefit to your customers if they only new about them”

Here is an example how Chris came up with his unique marketing message

I don’t know about you, but I find it extremely frustrating having to read instructional manuals. All I want to do is to be able to use the product straight away. Sometimes those instructional manuals are not user friendly and you spent hours just trying to work things out.Those are the times I wish I had access to someone who could show me simply and easily how to operate my chosen product So lets create a Unique marketing message for this situation

How about “Receive one on one tutorials with every purchase”

The fact is that every sales person in Chris’s store receives product training.They receive this from the companies that supply the products that Chris sells. So has Chris added an extra cost to his business. Definitely not he has added Value. You know yourself when you are looking at items to purchase part of the selling process starts the minute you ask “how does this work” or “whats the difference between that model and this one”. A competent sales person then would provide you with a free personalized tutorial about all the features and benefits of that particular product…..Which in effect is part of their sales pitch

Everyone wins.

Now let us add one more thing

One of Chris’s goals was that he wanted his customers to feel totally happy with their choice of purchase.If any customer came back within 7 days not happy he would refund their money no questions asked.The important thing here is only Chris new this.It was not public knowledge.

His final unique selling proposition could look like this

“Receive one on one tutorials with every purchase and a 7 day money back guarantee” or “Receive one on one tutorials with every purchase or else the product is free”

The secret is to link your marketing message to the major concerns of your customers.It’s what they WANT that counts. If you provide high perceived value message that directly targets their concerns,fears and frustrations you will be miles ahead of your competitors, guaranteed.

When you have uncovered your OWN unique marketing message for your small business, you will uncover the most powerful driver of your business. Why? Because when you make a promise to your customers you will move heaven and earth to make it happen. Your reputation and lively hood are at stake. So you will train your staff and develop systems to meet your promise.Suddenly you have successfully linked all parts of your business together to achieve a common goal. What a very powerful and meaningful position to be in.

So what are you waiting for, tell the world about your small business, through your unique marketing message, in such a way to attract all the customers that you can handle and leave your competitors wondering what happened.


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