WEB 2.0 Websites List

by ryan

Social Media and WEB 2.0 Websites List


SEO is note dead! If you have a websites or blog and want to get it ranked then backlinks are still VERY important.

Its also important to have a list of websites that you can go to and build links for free. Im not saying to go and SPAM these sites with junk content and hundreds of links.

What I am suggesting is to create a few accounts and 5 – 10 of these websites to point back to and ” page ” on your website that you would like to rank.

Here is a list of  Social media websites list that I currently use in no particular order.

Social media websites list













ClearBlogs – Free host for blogging offering many template designs, instant
publishing, spam protection, RSS feeds and IP banning.

Cmyblogs.com – Free blogs run on the LifeType platform, with multiple templates to
choose from.

Crablog – Online weblog hosting and community site. Supports custom skins, RSS
feeds, AJAX search as you type, standard API for posting from 3rd party sites or
software. Weblog hosting system built from scratch.

Deadjournal – Based on the same open source code as LiveJournal, but with a much
darker mood.

EFx2Blogs – Free weblog host. Full featured admin center, complete control over
blog posting, your very own shoutbox.

EgoWeblog – Provides subdomains and image great galleries.

Hondos Weblog – Allows custom layouts and image uploads. Post using a WYSIWYG
editor. Free.

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HWY Blogs – Free blogs targeted to truckers, with file upload space and templates.

InsideTheWeb.net – Free weblog hosting service that allows promotional blogging.

Inube – A free blog hosting service that offers photo albums, guest books, friend
lists and revenue sharing to the user.

J Sector – Provides an online journal service for people who want to publish their
thoughts and events online

Fotopages – Share photographs.

Free-Conversant – Conversant is an Internet groupware platform which allow flexible
hosting of webpages.

Freeflux.net – Free content management hosting service based on Flux CMS.

Globbo – This website Offers lots of space and the use of WordPress, b2evolution, or Pivot.

gmrblogs – Great for Hosting for game related webblogs.

Jet Set – Free weblog host with a community aspect.

Jevon Online – Features interactive tools, remote site integration, image hosting,
smilies, and style editors.

JournalHub – Free hosting with unlimited space and bandwidth. Multiple design
templates to choose from.

JournURL – Free personal publishing tool that also offers community and forum
services. All sites are syndicated.

Aeonity – Free weblog community allows instant publishing and custom templates.

AOL Blogs – Create a free public or private blogs and online journals; upload
pictures, share thoughts, and customize pages.

BestBlogHosting.biz – Free blog hosting with customizable templates.

Blog Author – Free search engine optimized blog hosting.

Blog Drive – A weblog publishing service.

Blog Studio – Free and paid features including file uploads.

Blog-City.com – Provides blog sites without requiring HTML.

Blog-City.info – Allows you to easily create your own free website.

Blog.com – Blog host service with free and paid plans available.

Blogfuse – Free host targeted to the search engine optimization community.

BlogHarbor – Easy-to-use templates and advanced features like RSS creation.

blogHi! – A weblog publishing tool, a news aggregator.

Bloghorn – Intuitive blogging software and a hosting platform.

blogigo – Features include future dating for posts,

BlogMyWay – Provide free blogs without ads.

Blogomonster.com – Features include RSS feed generation.

Blogonize – A free blog host with many features including traffic graphs.

Blogs 4 Me – Free weblog host.

BlogsArena – Offers both free and paid blog hosting,

blogSpirit – Paid service with categories, tags, lists, and photo albums.

Blogster – Resources for free weblogs. Offers tools, tips, and opportunities to share.

Blogstream – Provides a guestbook.

BlogText – Free service allows users to search other blogs.

BlogWebsites.net – Paid service offering many designs.

Bloxster – Archive your posts.

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