WordPress is a web building platform

WordPress is a Web building platform!


In this first post I thought it would make sense to answer one our most frequently asked questions. What is WordPress and why it’s so popular?

WordPress is a web building platform and is currently one of the most popular systems among thousands of users from all over the globe and is considered one of the most functional and easy to use website platforms available today.

Its users range from individuals running small websites to large companies and organisations running massive portals.

Everyday there are an astounding amount of existing website owners making the switch to this powerful platform every day.

Contrary to popular belief WordPress is more than a blogging platform. As I mentioned earlier, it is also a powerful content management system (CMS) enabling its users to easily customise the look and function of their websites with relative ease.

The beauty of WordPress is that is can be built as standard static website or it can be built as a blog. In most cases it’s built as a combination of both, making it an extremely powerful tool in the internet space.

In fact with the growing social media marketing trend more and more businesses are currently starting blogs to complement their existing websites to help facilitate consumer interaction, with many of them making the switch to the WordPress platform completely.

It’s ease of use makes it an extremely functional tool that can be used to design virtually any type of website according to the user’s specific preferences.

Another thing that makes WordPress so popular is that there are thousands of ready-made free themes and premium themes as well as plug-ins available to help make building a website site much easier than other web design software.

Ultimately WordPress is the go to tool when it comes to design flexability and functionality.

With its ease of use and so many powerful features there is little doubt that WordPress will remain superior to other platforms developed and offered by competitors making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to develop their own fully functional and user-friendly website.

Bottom line, if you’re using WordPress to build and manage your website yet then you owe it to yourself to check it out as soon as possible. You’ll be amazed at the results you can achieve.

At How to WordPress we offer a complete range of products and services to help you every aspect of WordPress whether it’s training, finding themes, resources, SEO, plugins or web hosting their is something for everyone from beginners to advanced.

The Benefits of Using WordPress

In our last post we talked about the WordPress platform. In this post we are going to go over the benefits of using WordPress.

As we discussed in our previous post WordPress is now one of the most widely used and popular web building platforms available today.

It is used by millions of people across the world and is ranked the most preferred platform by individuals, businesses and organisations of all sizes.

This is not surprising, simply because this powerful platform is much easier to use and more functional compared to other blogging and CMS systems available.

As a matter of fact web developers and beginners alike rave about how the platform contains everything they could ever want and need for the creation and maintenance of their own sites.

Not only that, what makes it even better is, this system is continuously evolving and
growing, making WordPress more useful and functional almost everyday.

This is largely based on the fact that WordPress is open source, giving it the power to grow limitlessly and making it better than your average blogging and website building platform.

So, what makes WordPress so great?

Firstly WordPress is free for anyone with access to the Internet to use. You can simply go to WordPress.com, create an account and start posting, which is a great option for absolute beginners.

Secondly it can be installed on your own domain usually from within your hosting dashboard with a few clicks of your mouse. Alternatively it can be downloaded and installed manually.

After you have chosen the most suitable way to install WordPress for your needs you can begin taking advantage of all of its powerful features straight away.

Themes & Plugins

To improve the look and feel of your WordPress site there are wide variety of free & paid themes as well as free and paid plug-ins that you can install and use to make building your site quick and easy.

For instance, there are plug-ins that will help facilitate sharing, bookmarking and sending e-mails to help promote social sharing of your content.

Plug-ins that will help you manage content, display video, password protect and set up membership sites with ease.

There are also thousands free themes and high-end paid themes offered through third-party providers at minimal costs that provide a multitude of features for full customisation.

Once you begin exploring your options you will find that you can easily choose specialised themes according to specific topics, design and function.

You can also use WordPress widgets to help increase functionality. These handy little widgets can be quickly added to your websites sidebar to make your website more interactive for your visitors.

The great thing about them is that you don’t really have to know anything about how they
work, all you do is drag and drop them where you want them and they do all the work for you.

And that’s just the beginning, there are virtually thousands of options available that will give you the freedom and control you need to set up your site exactly the way you want it.

If it’s all to overwhelming for you there are many experienced web developers available who can do all the work for you with all the customisations you may need, or you can subscribe to our step by step WordPress video training system that’s suitable for beginners right through to advanced.