The Content In Your Blog

by ryan

The Content In Your Blog


The biggest consideration most people face when deciding to stock their blog with content written by other people is the issue of control. Let’s face it, you don’t want every article ever written on your blog, or you face falling into the same trap others fall into – that of not being unique or special…

With the WordPress Profit System, you have a considerable amount of control over the content you will accept. You can choose by category and then define what categories on your blog the incoming content is best placed… And you can choose to segregate content by keyword into sub-categories as you see fit to do.

For example, online business articles come from The Phantom Writers website in the “business-online” category. But with the WordPress Profit System, you can tell the software to put all “businss-online” articles into your own category called, “Internet Business”.

You can also override category settings by keyword. For example, you can redirect all articles containing the keyword “SEO” into a “SEO” category. Or you can direct all articles containing the phrase advertising into its own “Advertising” category.

You can also choose to receive articles from The Phantom Writers, but not to approve those articles immediately. If you choose to set your copy of the WordPress Profit System to NOT Auto-Approve, then you can personally review every article before it goes live on your website.

Uniquely, this wordpress system offers another feature that is unique in the online article marketing world… WordPress Profit System is not just a cool name, but the concept behind this wordpress system…

We have set the software to do three things that are a link popularity dream…

All author names become their own tag inside your blog. At the end of the article, there will be a link that points to the tag page for the author behind the article, giving your visitors a chance to read other articles by one particular author… This gives link popularity to some of your tag pages, and it gives your visitors one more reason to stay on your website…

All articles will link back to the previous website that posted the same article. By participating in this program, it is true that you will be passing some link pop back to another blog in our system, but for every article you take from our system, you will receive one link for every link you give away to another blog. Remember, the people who take an article after you will be linking back to your copy of the article as well.

Because this system notifies us as to where an article is published, we have the programmable capability to also link to the articles on your website. It is in our best interests to show our customers where their articles have been published, and we will be using this system to supplement that information we provide to our customers.

Additional links will be pushed to your copies of each article through our article distribution website, and perhaps in other websites we own and operate.

At the very least, every copy of an article on your website that you have accepted from us, will have two links pointing to it. At the higher end of the playground, you may receive several links to your copy of the article from various websites.

The benefit to you should be clear if you have studied search engine algorithms. The one thing that permits one website to stand above another is usually the number of links pointing to it from third-party websites. But so many people get lost in the process, by creating links only to their home page…

I have always viewed every page of my websites as alternative front doors to my website. If the content on the internal page pleases my new visitor, then my new visitor might stick around for a while, perhaps even bookmark my website for future visits.

When you have a website that has links not only to its front page, but also to its internal pages, then you have more opportunity to gain attention from the search engines, by getting more of your website’s pages indexed in Google, Yahoo and MSN, and to have those additional pages also show up in the search results.

This is the root foundational concept behind this WordPress Profit System

I want the various copies of my customers’ articles to gain link popularity also, so that there is a higher chance for my customers’ articles to be found in the search engines. And in my Karma mindset, the best way to improve the exposure for my customers is to provide link popularity and rankings to those who choose to publish my customers’ articles.

With the WordPress Profit System, you not only gain complete control over the content that we can publish to your blog, but we will also ensure that you will receive real link popularity to your internal pages, so that your front page will be seen as more important in the grand scheme of search engine rankings.

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