WordPress Plugins We Love

by ryan

WordPress Plugins I Love


WordPress really is a pretty amazing tool…

It makes it so easy to create and manage your own website!

In fact, when we first discovered Affiliate marketing 5 short months ago, I would never have believed that I could create this entire website with absolutely no assistance! Once I learnt the basics of using WordPress it was really very easy and the thousands of WordPress Plugins available to customize your site add to its simplicity. The Plugins described below are some that I have found particularly useful in creating my WordPress websites.

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TOP PLUGINS: for 2016 

All In One SEO

Pretty Link Lite

Google Analytics 

Image Sitemap

Image Widget (by Modern Tribe)

I have tried several different Plugins to add an image to my sidebars but Image Widget has been the best I have used so far. The Plugin allows you to upload an image and embed into it a URL which you can opt to be opened in a new window. You can also re-size the image within the Plugin which meant I was easily able to keep all my images a uniform size. Image Widget also allows you to choose left, right or center alignment for the image within the widget area.

Simple Page Sidebar (by Blazer Six)

Have you ever wondered how to create custom sidebars for each page of your website? I certainly did and the Simple Page Sidebar Plugin was the best I could find. It allows me to set my preferred sidebar for each page on my website. For example, I wanted my newsletter opt-in form on all pages except the articles/blog page where I chose to display the Recent Posts and Article Categories.

Vice Versa (by Jason Lau)

This is a great Plugin which I found because I was looking for a way to convert a WordPress page into a post. I had a website that had been sitting with just a few pages of information and no blog page on it. When I started working with the website again I wanted to convert the existing pages into posts. After installing this Plugin it was as simple as a click of a button. You can also use Vice Versa in WordPress to convert posts into pages.

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Subscribe/Connect/Follow (by Srini G)

I was looking for an effective way to display my RSS Feed on the website and allow people to subscribe to it. Subscribe/Connect/Follow not only displays the RSS Feed icon but lets you choose up to 5 other Social Bookmarking sites to enable your site visitors to ‘like’, ‘+1’ or ‘pin’ your site with the click of the button (to name a few) – there are 35 social bookmarking sites available within the Subscribe/Connect/Follow Plugin.

Page Links To (by Mark Jaquith)

I discovered the Page Links To Plugin when I was looking for a way to make a parent page on my navigation menu non-clickable. This Plugin not only enables this but also lets you link a tab on your navigation menu to a non-WordPress URL.

I hope you find these WordPress Plugins as useful as I have… remember, if there is something you need on your WordPress site, chances are there is a Plugin that will enable it!

If you would like to learn how to use WordPress, including learning how to install, activate, upgrade and delete Plugins, an online WordPress video training course can be an invaluable tool.

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