WordPress Profit Blueprint Is Safe

by ryan

WordPress Profit Blueprint Is Safe


WordPress Profit Blueprint Combats The Infamous “Google Slap”

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Back in March of 06, Google redesigned their ranking system for PPC ads. PPC means pay-per-click. This is a marketing method used by many businesses and advertisers wishing to increase traffic to their online presence.

These are the “sponsored results” that show up above and to the side of a Google search. Google made some dramatic changes that drastically affected a lot of Internet Marketers.

Some members of WordPress Profit Blueprint went from making hundreds a day, to making absolutely nothing.

The system had been changed so much, that this absolutely derailed most folks using the Google PPC system, not just WPB members, but EVERYONE.

The Google Slap

Within two days of the “Google Slap,” Kyle and Carson (the site owners) released a post in the forums and had developed a tutorial of the exact changes that members needed to make to their campaigns.

These changes were somewhat difficult for some to make just because of the sheer size of their campaigns, but they had to be implemented.

Once these changes were made, things were back to normal and these members barely missed a beat. Anyone that wasn’t a member of WordPress Profit Blueprint at that point in time, you didn’t know your right from your left in terms of Google PPC.

The “Google Slap” cost millions of people millions of dollars because they didn’t know what to do. They had to test test test until they figured things out themselves. This caused many people to drop out of Internet Marketing altogether.

As a sweet little byproduct, the members at WordPress Profit Blueprint noticed a significant jump in their sales for the next six months or so until things were back to normal.

The moral of the story?

You’ll be on the cutting edge all the time. If something like this happens again, you’ve got a whole support cast ready to be called upon. This is one of the main reasons I’m a member. Is that worth $30 to you? It’s a no-brainer if you ask me. If you want this kind of service, every day…

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