A Legitimate Work At Home Business

by ryan

A Legitimate Work At Home Business


Work At Home Business opportunities, is probably one of most sought out search terms on the internet these days. And there are a few excellent work at home opportunities online such as SBI.

Want To Easily Make Spare-Time Cash?


It seems that everybody, yourself included is looking for a better way, nirvana at the end of the mouse click that will solve all your money management financial problems.

But you need an internet business mindset in order to make it all come together and happen, coupled with sound decision making before you take the work at home business plunge.

Beware of the Scams Both On-line and Off-line…

The problem is, there are far too many outright scams, that are doing nothing other than lying with their outrageous claims and broken promises on the world-wide-web regarding internet income, than exist legitimate work at home business opportunities.
I should know-as I’ve been scammed way too many times with work at home businesses to keep count. For your information, I was scammed 5 years ago totaling approximately $10,0000 US dollars. Yes you read correct!

But you know what? I didn’t give up and quit, I kept researching, joining work at home business forum message boards, asking the tough questions, listening and reading to what other work at home forum members were saying about legitimate home income or internet income “opportunities” and the TOTAL COSTS actually involved.

The more I listened, and read as to what these work from home forum members were saying, and the more I kept reading-the more I didn’t like at all what these forum members were saying about the many scams online. It appears the vast majority of these home-based jobs were selling “ Pyramid Ponzi Schemes, where the product you are actually selling is the people you are recruiting… The people are the product! Unless you are selling Amway products, which you have to drop ship or other products such as E-bay-the product in the vast majority of these opportunities is the recruitment process.

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Work At Home Rules To Follow….

Contrary to public opinion or a lack there of, the fact is-there is no free lunch-contrary to what many scam home based income and work at home business websites claim to be… Any work at home opportunity costs something, your time and commitment.

Many internet income websites over-hype with their business opportunity and free marketing tips as well, but when everything is finally stripped away-all you have left for the majority of these home based businesses is just the opportunity of recruiting-members-that is your opportunity, which I might add is illegal and is nothing more than a ponzi pyramid sham scheme..

Rule # 1- when you are researching any online work at home business opportunity to join, you need to know what the product and or service offering is and believe in its potential. The product and/or service MUST provide VALUE .

After all-if you don’t very well believe or have hope and faith in the product you are pitching to potential friends and family/others that you will be selling, how in the world do you ever expect to sell the product if you would not buy the product yourself? You must believe in the product if you want to know how to succeed in selling the product to your would be customers and eventual partners.

Rule# 2-When you strip away the membership and sponsorship recruiting (which many of these work at home businesses are just get rich rich-schemes), the ” ”product” has got to stand alone as a legitimate product with value. If it does not-you need to run away as fast as you can from this home internet business opportunity.

Without a product/service with VALUE – all you really are is selling in the end is a “recruiting system”, which as I stated earlier is an illegal ponzi scheme. I should know as I got conned into the same system years ago. Due your due-diligence and research and ask the tough questions. The product must sell itself-period end of story….

Want To Easily Make Spare-Time Cash?

You Need to Beware of Your Total Monthly Expenses…

Rule# 3 – You need to find out upfront, and in simple and plan business communication , what are all of your out of pocket and revolving monthly expenses associated in your work at home business. Are you drop-shipping physical products like vitamins and hair tonics? What are your drop-shipping charges?

What are your charge back fees/costs? What are your minimum charges in order to “play the work at home business “game”? What are your merchant account costs and fees. Are there any reoccurring monthly membership fees? How much are these fees?

If you’re going to be selling a direct product, then you will more than likely need a merchant processing account In order to accept online payments. Also keep in mind that up to 20-30% of you online payment customers may request and demand a refund for whatever reason, which means if your “quota” of say selling hair tonics per month is 15 units and figuring up to thirty (30%) will return their product to you, then you have to factor in:

Restocking of inventory costs that you will have to deal with, and having to charge back customer’s credit cards who decided that they either didn’t like you or the product! It’s the customers right to return everything and anything, the world in e-commerce and off line business will always cater to the customer, and the customer is always right according to the laws of the e-commerce business world.

Also you will have a revolving merchant accounts fee for accepting VISA/MasterCard/Discovery/other credit cards which is typically 1-2% of the item being sold.

So in this example: You sell 15 hair tonic potions for $29.99 a bottle, which is $449.85. Let’s say your monthly quota is 20 bottles which you only sold 15-$99.95 less. You have drop shipping charges up to $10.00 per order, you have a merchant access account which they charge up to $35-$99 a month, plus they charge you (the seller)1-3 percent of total goods sold. You will more than likely have a separate e-mail account which is between $50.00-$99.99 bucks per month so you total monthly costs are:

• Drop shipping costs=$10.00
• Merchant Credit Card Account $99.00
• Merchant credit card transaction fee: $13.50
• Merchant charge back fee 2-5% of returned goods $20.00
• Auto-responder e-mail account: $50.00
• Web site hosting charges: $50.00
• $50.00-$100.00 monthly for membership in business program
• Marketing and advertising :$50-$100
• Telephone faxing orders/calling customers etc $50.00
• TOTAL MONTHLY COSTS: 467.50 ( used 75.00 for advertising in this example)
INCOME THIS MONTH: 449.85 but you had 5 return orders or charge backs, so your net income for this month is only: 299.90

You’re already in the hole 167.60 and you just started the program!!!

The vast majority of these scam operations require heavy recruitment of your market audience to make a dent in the online e-commerce world. It’s eat or be eaten…

There is a better way however, one that puts value into the people it works with, one that loves people and uses money instead of the vast of the online websites whose emphasis is on loving money and using people as a means to an end in helping you learn the proper way in building a business and how to make a website that works.

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