Creative Visualization For Achieving Goals

by ryan

Creative Visualization For Achieving Goals


Creative visualization is a powerful mental learning method that anyone can learn, in applying, if you have the hope and faith in believing that you will achieve your smart goals objectives.

Mental imagery as mentioned above, has been used for centuries, by nearly all cultures and religions from all parts of the world in achieving goals.

Even many professional sports players of professional sports teams embrace the concept of positive mental imagery ; believing how you will make the winning goal, or the winning basket, you will react to a cheering crowd knowing that your team has just won the big game! This is creative visualization put into action!

Although many on-line and off-line sources delve deeper into Creative Visualization-offering varying “advanced meditation” techniques and purporting various “religious” faiths in supporting its wide spread use and universal “acceptance”-this site is not about the various meditative or new age religious aspects.

How do you do create the mental mindset-the mental imagery, a positive attitude and a positive thinking mindset for creative visualization to manifest your dreams? You need to visualize your goals and believe in yourself to make the changes you need to do in achieving goals for your life.

Rules To Live By…

Rule#1 Belief system–Regardless of culture, or religion, almost every human being who has ever lived has a belief system whether acknowledged or not. Everybody believes in something.

The purpose of this site page is not to get into a shouting match and argument over “which” faith or belief system one should embrace and believe in. This site is not about that. Everyone is at the same “starting block” which is their faith or belief system that they embrace as the GENESIS for their belief system which governs your life.

For me personally, I embrace Christ Himself-the Lord of All, it’s through Him and by Him that gives me strength, hope, faith and belief that through Him, I will accomplish what I need to accomplish and will endure according to HIS divine will for my life-simple as that. This is also called spiritual growth.

You need to embrace whatever faith and belief system that you identify. You must also believe that you will overcome, that you will rise to the top, you will get that new promotion, that new job, the new house or wife/husband of your dreams-but you’ve got to have the faith and belief not only in God above, but also with yourself in achieving goals.

Believe it or not, our Lord God is not waving a magical wand and zapping people regarding our wants and desires. You’ve got to do your part-there is no free lunch! Believe in yourself, create the positive mental imagery in your creative visualization process in your life.

Rule#2 Sit down daily in a quiet place and think about what you really want out of your life? What is your heart’s ambitions, desires for your life? What comes to your mind’s eye when you visualize your goals and how you go about achieving goals?

Everyone of us has a divine purpose and mission on life-your job is to figure that out. What is your mission statement for your life? Achieving goals begins with a positive attitude mindset-first and foremost, and having the hope and faith to believe in yourself and in your God given abilities in setting goals that you can achieve. I can guide you in the process, point you in the right direction, but ultimately you need to figure out and “connect the dots” in your life in achieving goals for yourself in fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Think about achieving goals in your life-your life goal, can you imagine the new house you are living in-the new car you are driving, getting the education you always wanted for yourself and your children? Are you in transition? what about your career goals for yourself? Are you embarking on a business idea like a work at home business? How about your travel planning or college planning goals in life.

You need to think about all these life goals, and then believe that they will manifest themselves to you. Will it happen over night? Probably not. Was Rome created overnight? You understand my point. Now you’ve got to develop and implement your smart goals plan.

Rule# 3 Do not let negative thoughts control you- The world is full of “could a-would a should a” people. There has probably been more written on failures in life and negativity than anything else in the personal development-self help field (which this site is not about). People by definition are creatures of habit.

There’s a very good book entitled: who moved my cheesethat I highly recommend for your reading. This powerful little book discusses the “change” factor and why you need to embrace change if you ever want to succeed in your dreams and goals-yet alone the game called LIFE.

If you really want to take charge in achieving goals for yourself in life-you have to start thinking differently-positively as you visualize your goals.

Do you know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results? You need to make a fresh start in your creative visualization in seeing through the process in achieving goals for your personal and professional career development.

You must be willing to change from within-a positive thinking point of reference and you need to be able to embrace change openly.

Dare to be different-create and believe in the positive mental imagery in your minds eye and in seeing the creative visualization for yourself as you visualize your goals and set out achieving goals for your life.

You just need to develop the self discipline and the self confidence to get you where you need to go.

If you can believe it you can achieve it still holds true today; conversely, if you don’t believe you WILL, more likley than not you WON’T… Your Life is waiting….Now it’s your turn…

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