Decision Making

by ryan

Decision Making is Not a Gamble in Life


Decision making requires more than a candid flip of the coin, or a rushed half hearted attempt in hoping that the decision making process that you just completed will yield practical fruit for your efforts.

Just look around you and you can see daily the results from poor decision making. The news is full of sound bites from around the world.

There are numerous stories from business goals that did not materialize and went bankrupt, to a happy marriage that is no more, to successful relationships that no longer exist and ended in failures, from not making decisions from a proper biblical point of reference.

Decision Making Process Steps

1) Understand the FACTS

This may seem elementary, but many of the poor decision making results that you have made or will make can be attributed to your not taking proper time to carefully research all the required and pertinent information before you can make a reasonable decision.

Whether you are considering starting getting out of the 9-5 job routine and starting your own work at home business , beginning new career goals with a new employer, pursuing college planning for your educational dreams or retirement planning , you should carefully examine all the facts before you plunge into a decision that you have not carefully examined all the facts first before you decide upon your course of action.

2) Pray for Guidance

I am a Christian believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, and firmly believe in praying to God for wisdom and guidance in all decisions that I do. I can personally speak on behalf of my personal shortcomings when I have not relied upon the Lord for guidance and wisdom, and almost in every situation when I have not prayed first and asked God for help in the outcome of those decisions were not as was expected. I have learned to harness the infnite power of having abundance of hope and faith in all my decision making that I need to do.

You see, when you pray and learn how to meditate to God, and asking Him for wisdom and guidance, He will direct your heart accordingly. He will provide you the peace of mind, assurance and contentment that only God Himself can provide. Sure anyone of us can make decisions without God’s involvement , but how can God bless your decision and it’s eventual outcome if you don’t seek first His input and guidance?

3. Search the Bible

In hindsight all the outcomes of decisions that I have made without involving God first did not accomplish what I had attempted to do. The bible is the living Word of God, all the answers to Life’s most urgent and pressing questions are found in the Bible. I challenge you to seek His guidance found in the bible. The bible is your spiritual road-map for spiritual growth in life. Just as you would not take a vacation without a road-map , why would you not consult the spiritual road-map of your life found in the Bible?

4.Consult with at least 2-3 Godly People

Seeking the wise counsel and advise from others can prove to be invaluable. Many times I have sought the wise advise and wisdom of others regarding decisions for which I was about to make, and several times through the advise I received, and after praying for guidance as well, I learned that the decision I was prepared to make-was not the right decision and I avoided several costly decisions which would have cost me significantly from a financial perspective.

My point here is there is no shame in seeking wise, invaluable advise and wisdom from Godly people. Trusting and sharing with such people can save you from unforeseen problems down the road. Proverbs 3:5-6 states: Trust the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. In ALL ways acknowledge Him , and He shall direct your path.

This is a promise from God above, not some fairy tale with no meaning. You see-we are commanded by God to seek God’s guidance in ALL things and in ALL decisions and aspects of our lives. God wants you and I to succeed, but need to first learn how to succeed by putting your faith and trust in God.

5. Weigh the Pros and the Cons in Your Decision Making

Just like in the world of physics, for every action there is a reaction, so too holds true in decision making. Any decision you will ever make will impact the overall output of the business goals or personal decisions that you will make (both good bad and/or indifferent). Write down on paper and critically think about the decision you are to make. Ask yourself the tough questions in your creative visualization .

Will I be better for the making the decision?

How will the decision impact me personally?

How will the decision effect my personal successful relationships ?

Or my career goals or my happy marriage?

I challenge you next time to apply these simple but life changing principles in your own life, and rediscover what God’s plans are for you in your life.

Your life is waiting…

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