How to Write a Proposal for Winning Effectiveness

by ryan

How to Write a Proposal for Winning Effectiveness


How Do You Write an Effective Proposal?

How to write a proposal a strategic focus in creative visualization , in seeing through how to write a proposal.

How to write a proposal requires proper business writing , and business communication skills which are a definite must, before you even begin drafting your first proposal outline.

But you also need effective time management tips , and organizing tips in bringing all elements of the proposal writing process together.

I have written many grant, concept notes, and business proposals (about me), during the past 11 plus years.

And the one thing that I have learned from this process, is that you are never completely finished in learning how to write a business proposal which first begins with developing a sound proposal template first.

Just like anything else in life, how to develop a proposal template, and learning how to write a proposal for your job as part of your long term career goals or as part of your business goals requires not only the proper business communication and writing skills, but ample practice as well in your proposal writing and business proposal writing endeavors.

For proposal writing to be effective, the business proposal must contain certain elements, in the body of the business proposal document, and must address the key business proposal factors that will determine your business proposal‘s success or its’ failures. How to succeed consitutes many separate components in this lengthy and timely process.

Key Steps in Developing Your Business Proposal

I am not going to provide for you the specifics, and step by step process in how to develop an effective proposal template or in writing your business proposal because there are many excellent resources online that you can access regarding a proposal template, business proposal outlines, and various business proposal stylists that you can use in writing a proposal for your organization.

The purpose here is to provide a brief overview of the many components that comprise the typical business proposal, and how to write a proposal that captures all the essential parts as requested in the business proposal announcement.

A) Make Sure Your Organization Meets the Minimum Qualification Requirements

This is probably fairly self explanatory, but is once again-worth repeating that you need to ensure your company or organization meet the minimum requirements and qualifications before you go off to the races in writing a business proposal. If there is anything more embarrassing and a total waste of your effort, is to realize after the fact, that your organization does not qualify in submitting a business proposal due to several factors.

Make sure whomever is taking the lead, does a thorough research and review regarding skill sets, experience and GSA classification/NIAC codes before you even begin a rough draft of your business proposal in developing a proposal template.

B) Make Sure You have the Right Team Identified to Pull the Business Proposal Together

Ok, you’ve identified a terrific grant proposal opportunity for your organization that you qualify and would like to develop a winning proposal-now what? You’ve got to identify your team, from your business writing team. Are you sure you have identified all the correct personnel for the job at hand in writing a proposal? What about calling in a consultant or two? Who will be responsible for providing overall technical guidance and overall leadership development to the business proposal writing and submitting process?

C) Make Sure You have Time to Complete and Finish the Business Proposal Project

As you are aware, most business proposal writing and submission cannot be charged to your current and existing labor codes, therefore your business proposal writing for your business proposal must be done during non work hours. Is your business proposal team flexible enough in writing a business proposal during non-working hours or on the weekends if that is what is needed? How to write a proposal not only requires a committed team-but the time to complete the proposal writing that is a quality and hopefully, a winning proposal final product that exceeds business proposal expectations.

Each company, organization and non-profit has certain and very specific rules and regulations with respect to working hours and over time. Make sure you follow the letter of the law and understand all the legal issues regarding retaining staff for business proposal writing requirements.

As I stated above, there are many excellent resources available on-line in writing a business proposal by developing and writing your

proposal template first which will provide for you and your organization the basic business proposal elements that you need to capture, and articulate in a premise, organized and succinct manner.

Many organizations will hire a consultant team to actually write the business proposal for your company or organization, or will use internal writing staff.

Depending upon on money management costs and time, may be a viable and alternative option than drafting the business template outline and writing a proposal yourself.

D) Key Components of Your Business Proposal

I. Title of Business Proposal
II. Summary Abstract
III. Introduction

a) Background
b) Review of Literature
c) Statement of Project Problem

IV. Solution to the Problem

a) Objectives
b) Scope
c) Methodology
d) Time-line

V. Facilities
VI. Budget
VII. Personnel Credentials

a) Resumes of proposed Project Staff

VIII. Conclusion
IX. References

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