Leadership Development Tools For Personal Growth

by ryan

Leadership Development Tools For Personal Growth


What is leadership development you may ask….Simply put, leadership development and effective leadership is an effort that enhances the learner’s capacity to lead people.

And , I might add…..leading is setting direction and guiding others to follow that direction.

That is it in a nutshell. What I hope to provide for you in this section of my website, are the nuances, personality traits that you (or others) should possess for effective leadership in your leadership development quest.

Historically, leadership development has focused on developing the leadership abilities and attitudes of individuals.

People as you know, are not all born with the same potential to lead effectively anymore than people do not all have the same ability to play professional basketball like Michael Jordon or to sing like Luciano Pavarotti.

Different distinct personal characteristics that can help or hinder a person’s effective leadership are all Servers first. Effective Leadership means putting your own wants and desires on hold at the expense and benefit of your team. Yes, leadership development implies leading, but effective leaders serve and lead by example first. There is no room for selfish ambition in a true leader.

Everyone can develop their own individual leadership effectiveness and leadership styles. Achieving such leadership development takes focus, practice, persistence, a positive attitude , and I might add, a tremendous amount of hope and faith in God above, in making you the leader you need and want to become.

Success of Leadership Development Efforts Has Been Linked To Three Variables:

Individual learner characteristics

Quality and nature of the leadership development program

Genuine support for behavioral change from the leader’s supervisor.

Officer training academies such as the US Military Academy at West Point, and the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, both go to the greatest of lengths to only accept “potential” candidates who demonstrate the highest leadership management potential to lead well. Personal characteristics that are associated with successful leadership development include

self motivation , self discipline to learn, a high achievement drive and personality traits such as openness to experience, an internal locus of control, self-monitoring and a positive attitude , and a positive thinking outlook on life in general.

Just as no two people are the same with respect to leadership styles, there are varying leadership training , and leadership coaching programs that may work well for one person-that is effective and yields the positive desired end result. However this same leadership training style or leadership coaching program may prove disingenuous to another individual.

Are You Leadership Material? How to Determine if You Have Effective Leadership Qualities…

1. Leaders are Willing to Serve not Serving to Lead:

From my personal experience as a Leader-working in various leadership positions both in the US and in India and Bangladesh involved in public health, I really believe the strongest and most important quality of a Leader is your willingness to serve others . A true leader is one who is willing to put the needs of his/her people that he/she is entrusted to lead by serving them by example first over his/her own career goals pursuits. This is an important quality on numerous levels.

How can the very people you are leading begin to have the trust and faith in you as a leader if they don’t see you walking in their shoes? An affective leader leads and serves by his or her example. Don’t ask from others to do what you wouldn’t do yourself. This approach will only lead to dismal failures for you and others who adhere to this wrongful quality.

Secondly, when the very people you are entrusted to lead see you leading by serving first, your team will have won over your support, and respect, and will be more inclined to listen and obey your directives, and follow your example because they saw your leadership in action by serving others.

2. Possess Good Communication Skills

Proper business communication and effective business writing are keys in being a great leader. The reason for this is simple: If you possesses the other nine leadership qualities but if you fail to communicate well , (both orally and written), you will never be a great leader.

In other words, effective communication skills, is the key for developing good business relationships and developing sound business goals . If you are unable to establish and build good business working relationships with your team and others, you are not going to be an effective leader and a team player.

All modern leaders must therefore be equipped with good communication skills and be able to use and implement new ways of technology in your business…. (You Tube, Face book, Twitter, etc), as examples…

3. Honesty/Integrity

The most valuable asset of a leader is honesty. You must be honest with both your employees, management committee, and Board of Directors (if you have a board)/shareholders. You also must have integrity. Once you, as a leader compromise your integrity, all is lost.

Integrity is perhaps regarded as the most admirable quality of leadership traits. As a leader, you must keep it “above all else.” Because if you ever succumb to lying , for any reason, you are finished in any leadership role.

4. Visionary outlook

You must always be thinking of ways for stabilizing the current business and always looking for future possibilities of expansion and growth…..Effective leadership requires you to be able to look beyond where you are today, know where the business is going, and be able to use your innate creative visualization to move your company or organization forward in your strategic plan and vision, in being able to see the forest through the trees as a metaphor…

5. Judgment :

A good leader must possess tremendous leadership management judgement . Effective leadership requires that you are able to select your “TEAM”, a TEAM that is efficient enough to back up any skills you may lack. Choosing the best people for such a team is a skill. But by working together you create an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect to get the job done. Do you know what the definition of TEAM is: Together Everyone Achieves More…….

6. Wisdom :

As an effective leader and as a manager-you must be able to put aside your concerns in order to listen to those around you… As a result, you must come to know what is going on, and know what is being said, between employees and management. Effective leadership requires the “gift” of appearing to know what people need even if those needs are not expressed directly.

However, knowing what is going on, and identifying the needs of those around you is not sufficient enough. Effective leadership requires you as a manager-to act upon that knowledge, attempting to help fulfill the needs of employees, superiors, and management without compromising the goal and overall mission of your organization. Effective leadership requires you to be able to influence others in solving problems and conflict resolution for those around you- often without ever having being asked to do so….

7. Ability to Motivate & Encourage Others :

Effective leadership requires you as manager to always be striving to keep motivating your team to do their very best. You must give first priority to safety of workers and see that they are not exploited by superiors and have the self motivation they need in knowing how to succeed.

8. Be Able To Lead by Your Example:

Leadership effectiveness is impossible without consistency-consistency from the smallest to the largest of details. Every leader has their own unique leadership styles and approach (yours included)-that is unique to your individual leadership management qualities and style of governing.

Also, to be an effective leader you must be able to lead by example.

Never…never ask your team to do something that you yourself would never do yourself.

It’s hypocritical for one thing and sends a very different and negative message to your team and those around you…,this is key to your effectiveness as a leader.

You must be able to make the tough decisions and demonstrate by your actions as an effective leader-that you are a team member…leading by your example in all decision making.

“The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men (and women) to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it……Theodore Roosevelt” Which type of leader are you?……

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