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I’ve talked a lot in these posts about what I think inspiration actually is, so I won’t go into that now, but I know a lot of writers (and painters and musicians and even people who have to write for their job!) who feel they have to wait to be inspired before they sit down to work.

They wait for that “still, small voice” that will guide them to the keyboard (or easel or instrument) and make them produce their latest work of staggering genius.

Please. Don’t wait to be inspired. First of all, if you are moving through life at a normal modern pace, if that small voice actually does speak to you, chances are you’ll miss it or mistake it for indigestion. But, more seriously, when you sit down to write (or paint or… okay, you get the picture) the inspiration will naturally flow.

The more consistently you do it, the more in the habit you will be of expressing yourself, and the more in the habit you are of expressing yourself the more your subconscious will give you to express. It happens backward from the way people expect it to. Inspiration doesn’t have you produce, producing “inspires” inspiration.

Be in the habit of writing, every day, or as close to every day as you can, and those flashes of insight will have a vehicle and a way to get your notice.

They will trust that you will listen to them and they will show up more and more often. Don’t sit down to write something brilliant. Just sit down to write. The more you do, the more chance there is of something brilliant happening.

So go write!


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